Over the years my paintings have been exhibited on at least Thirty-two occasions in different galleries including major London venues such as The National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, The Geffrye Museum, and The Mall Gallery. The Francis Kyle Gallery in Mayfair, and The John Davies Gallery in Stow on the Wold have at different times been my artistic agents, representing and selling my work in their galleries.

Of these, ten have been solo shows, and a smaller number were exhibitions in which I have participated as an artist/curator, or which I personally devised and curated.

My first solo show was in The New Gallery, Hornsey Library in 1973. The basis of the show was a series of portrait drawings which included some I had made of Tottenham school children while working as a teacher. As the date approached I realised these were not enough, so I embarked on some new large-scale acrylics to fill up the walls, and also included works done at Hornsey Art College and during my post-graduate year in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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OLD CONTEMPORARIES, Islington Arts Factory 2011

This exhibition brought together some old friends and long-lost colleagues who were at Art College in the nineteen-sixties, and who have continued their artistic practice, in some form, throughout nearly sixty years of political, personal and artistic vicissitudes, and with varying degrees of recognition or encouragement. To try to account for their sustained motivation, their artistic testimonies were presented alongside their work. More about each artist can be found at: https://oldcontemporaries.com/

The Artists

The Private View


‘Going North’ pencil on paper 4′ x 6′ by Clement Griffith

Sculpture & Ceramic


Old Contemporaries Website: https://oldcontemporaries.com/ for a more detailed survey.

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