Landscape near Wheeler End 1961

This page is a miscellaneous collection of writings of an artistic or philosophic nature.

1. CONTEXTS https://johnnpearceartist.com/contexts/

2. SEEING DAYLIGHT https://johnnpearceartist.com/seeing-daylight/

3. ART AND REALITY https://johnnpearceartist.com/art-and-reality/

4. ESOTERIC POSTSCRIPTShttps://johnnpearceartist.com/esoteric-postscripts/

5. CABALISTIC CONCLUSIONS https://johnnpearceartist.com/12951-2/

6. MAMETZ WOOD https://johnnpearceartist.com/mametz-wood/

7. THE PEERING AID https://johnnpearceartist.com/the-peering-aid/

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